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I decided to approach Rajiv when my employer requested me to help him get an H-1B approval for a senior executive he was interested in hiring. His petition had already been denied, making matters difficult. I thought of Rajiv right away because of my own experience with their law firm 15 years ago. My green card was done by Rajiv and his team and back then, everything went very smoothly. I found the team highly competent, responsive, and personable. I am so glad I thought of Rajiv because the H1 was approved, and I had an awesome experience working with the team (Rajiv, Pavi, Kalpana, and Anna) Pavi is energetic and efficient. The H1 petition was filed within 5 days, including personal review and reworking of the case by Rajiv. I admire their speed. I also had a chance to work with Kalpana when we had to respond to the RFE and it was great working with her, she is very detailed and thorough in her work. Anna was always there when I needed her, I truly enjoyed working with the whole team. Additionally, I really liked that they involved us in their whole process throughout. Our folders and our documents were open to us. We were all working on the same documents collaboratively.

Lastly, Rajiv supervised the case throughout and was always available to meet for any questions/doubts we had. Not only is he knowledgeable and experienced, but he is also easy to talk to explains the most nuanced concepts of the law in a manner that is comprehensible to anyone. I will make sure that I refer all my friends and coworkers to Rajiv. Thank you all for being so wonderful.

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