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Puja M.C.
United States

I was referred to Rajiv Khanna's law firm by a friend. I filed and recently got my marriage-based green card through him. I had talked to one lawyer before Rajiv ji and consulted with Rajiv ji for a second opinion. Rajiv ji went beyond my list of questions and provided information and suggestions that I wasn't looking for and didn't even know existed (They say "You don't know what you don't know" for a reason). He was confident, kind, and professional. He even gave me an emergency appointment on a Friday morning when I was just an hour away from the airport, rushing to get on the flight back home to another country. When I was hesitant to take his advice, he said "If my daughter was in your place, I would have given her the same advice." I hung on to those words, stayed back in the country, got married, his firm filed my paperwork in time and I got my GC within 2 weeks of the interview. If it wasn't for Rajiv ji's firm and timely advice, I can't imagine how this immigration process would have turned out for me. I'm thankful to Heather Riddick for staying on top of things and being accessible to answer questions. Rajiv ji, you are doing a great job! May God bless you with a long and healthy life so you may continue to help many more people.

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