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Raghava Munivenkatappa
United States

My O petition was approved through your help and when I went for O1 Stamping my visa was not issued due to Chennai consulate in patent misunderstanding of the law that being subject to INA Section 212(e) home residency requirement.
Finally Mr Khanna sent the a brief explanation that "It is long settled law that 212(e) does NOT apply to O-1 visas" and i got the O1 stamping. I am convinced that with the current experience of obtaining the O visa with your guidance, and support of Miss Diane Lombardo and Miss Anna Baker I would definitely be a client for my future needs. I am very pleased with the service and the application was very diligently prepared by your staff with communicating with different parties of my sponsor institution. The staff at the sponsor institution were amazed by the pleasant nature of Miss Diane Lombardo. I was very confident by your mails that my visa will successfully stamped. I whole heartedly thank you Mr. Khanna and your team. I would advise my pears to get the best job done right, is to hire Mr. Khanna. I am eagerly looking forward to working with you in the future. Thanks, Raghava Munivenkatappa

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