Guestbook Entry for Ramesh Doraiswamy, United States

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Ramesh Doraiswamy
United States

Hello All, Filed for I-485(EB2-INDIA, RIR). First off let me thank Mr. Khanna and his team members Diane Lombardo, Suman Bhasin, Nimia Aranibar, Priya Raja, Madhavai (and everyone else that I have missed in this list) for their WONDERFUL, PROFESSIONAL, COURTEOUS and COMMENDABLE work they have done so far and would be doing in the future. The work is simply FABULOUS. These folks do realize timing, esp., when Diane was so QUICK and EFFICIENT for my I-485 filing. Also I was ASTONISHED when I did get a REPLY from SUMAN on Saturday afternoon for a query that I had left on her Voicemail Friday evening. As someone else said in this guestbook, I was asking too many questions, and all my questions was answered promptly. I envy this team for their PROMPTNESS :-) I would recommend this TEAM for anyone who wishes to immigrate to the USA. After discussing with a lot my friends, I am HAPPY to have Mr. Khanna on my side. Thanks, Ramesh Doraiswamy