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Ravi Prasad Pachalla
Nonimmigrant Visas: 
United States

Rajiv Khanna and his team have done extensive research to solve my H1-B Case Denial efficiently. INS has denied the H1-B when my consultancy company applied for H1 amendment for new job location.INS has denied the H1-B when they were not able verify the degrees and experience in INDIA. My friends Ganesh and Bala helped me to reach Rajiv Khanna when there was no hope of getting the H1-B back. Rajiv and his team has solved the case proficiently and got H1-B approval within 2 months. I thank Rajiv, his team, and my friends who have helped me through this tough time. I recommend everybody to consult Rajiv Khanna for any kind of problems in H1-B.If you need any information, reach me through email at Thanks Ravi Prasad Pachalla