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Rohit Kumar
United States

Finally my wife and I, received our GC. This journey lasting over 12 years. It has been a long journey to GC approval. I would take this opportunity to thank Mr. Rajiv Khanna and his entire team. Special thanks to Mr. Rajiv Khanna, for all his help and guiding me at each step of this journey, including multiple H1B renewals and EAD renewals. There is no words to express my gratitude and once again thank you. He is very informative and detailed in the documentation for each filings (H1B,GC). All along this process working with Prerna on regular basis - very helpful, always responsive and quickly returned my emails and had my calls scheduled with Mr. Rajiv Khanna whenever required - and Mr. Khanna always listened to my concerns, no matter how amateurish or complicated they sounded. His feedback and opinions were honest and very helpful in the constantly changing immigration rules and policies. I have been working with Mr. Rajiv Khanna and his team since 2007. It's a pleasure working with each and every member of Rajiv's team in this journey. I would like to thank Prerna, Bharthi and Amrita with whom i worked in the GC process. Once again thank you all from the bottom of my heart and my appreciation to everyone else who worked on my case.
I would highly recommend "Law Office of Rajiv S. Khanna" to anyone who needs help with immigration related issues.

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