Guestbook Entry for Shashi Prakash, United States

Shashi Prakash
New Jersey
United States

Mr Rajiv Khanna and his staff are the best!! I had my green card filed through them in 2001 and their response to all my queries was always prompt and perfect! Lately, I am hiring their services for filing H1B for my newly formed company and as usual Mr Rajiv Khanna has taken personal interest and devoted his time in understanding our situation and recommending the best options. His staff is always forthcoming in helping us meet the timelines and answering our questions promptly. So much appreciated and what a pleasant experience! No wonder our first H1B was filed through him and recently was selected in the lottery. We look forward to additional Visa sponsorships from him. Awesome work, Mr Khanna! You are an inspiration for everyone. My best wishes to you and your staff!! Shashi Prakash CEO, Net Serpents

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