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Our organization has worked with Mr. Khanna for almost 10 years, and retained their services for our immigration needs related to H1 and Green Card filings. Mr. Khanna’s advice has helped us as well as our employees in the most critical immigration related issues. I have worked very closely with Anna Baker, Rena Waddell and Vijay Durgam. I would say that Mr. Khanna has an excellent team in place, extremely approachable, efficient, having an eye for detail, helpful and professional. Inspite of the large volume of cases handled by their office; they manage to review minute details of each case, bring forth concerns if any in a timely manner, along with solutions to handle the concerns. We have secured a 100% success rate in all our filings till date through their office. Reason – efficient and trained staff, and above all Mr. Khanna who has always made himself available for any guidance which may be required. The community conference calls hosted by Mr. Khanna have been highly appreciated by employers as well as employees. This is a free service to the community and is commendable. Mr. Khanna has always provided the right guidance, at the same time keeps his clients updated with latest regulations / amendments. We look forward to work with him for many more years to come. Would highly recommend Mr. Khanna’s office for any immigration related matters and guidance. Good Luck to you and your team Mr. Khanna; keep up the good work! Appreciate it!

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