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United States

Hi, I first of all like to appreciate the generosity of Mr Rajiv in replying to my email within 15min and then giving the phone conference appointment for no cost since I am a student. He is definitely a great person who really makes an effort to sort out others issues. I contacted him to know how my mom who already have visitor visa, can stay in US on continous basis as my dad recently passed away and I am the only child. I knew what he had suggested others who were on H1 visas and had same issues (by listening to the record of past tele conferences), but wanted to confirm his opinion in my case. He said that I can also do visitor visa extensions in lieu of F2 visas, but he was hesitant as how would I support the medical expense. I understand his concern, but I would be contacting him again as I really want this to work for my mom. Anyhow, I am really thankful to him and his staff for being so supportive and understanding. Wish the entire team good luck and high success.

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