Guestbook Entry for Sridhar Kathera, United States

Sridhar Kathera
United States

My son was about to age out when his H4 to F1 was denied at US Consulate in Chennai. It was then that we sought help from

The entire staff there was very professional and their guidance was very invaluable. Their review of our documents was so meticulously.

Mr. Rajiv Khanna is very knowledgeable. He literally handheld us and guided us, every single step of the way. We were so comfortable working with him that we felt we were working with a family well wisher, (besides the fact that he is a top notch immigration attorney) who was always there for us, wanting us to succeed.
But for him, we would not have made it.

Thank you, Rajiv Sir, for helping us with my son's visa and keeping our family together.
Special thanks to Kalpana, Pavithra and others, who patiently took our questions and guided us.

I would VERY STRONGLY recommend their services.

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