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Susan Dane
United States
The Immigration Lawyer you are looking For
Dear Friends and Fearfuls! This is the message I posted on my Facebook Page after speaking with Rajiv for the first time.  (and before I knew about this opportunity to post comments on his own page.)  I felt it was so important to let other people know that there is someone like this who is actually practicing law, much less IMMIGRATION LAW!  Hooray for the good guys.  One more in the camp.  — FB Message: If anyone you know needs a good immigration attorney, I encourage you to speak with Rajiv Khanna.  Riajiv has an on-line blog which is incredibly helpful and a FAQ page that is so informative that I found my self reading pages of it that weren’t even related to my questions.  I was very struck by his ability to communicate in layman’s English and his understanding and compassion for people with problems.   When I spoke with him by phone, he shared his philosophy.  He said (in essence) “We tried to figure out how much we could give away without it hurting our practice, and we discovered we could give away almost everything.”  I’m sure this doesn’t mean the man works for free–but it does seem his career is motivated by compassion and generosity–TOO RARE in the legal field as we all know.  Rajiv has a gift for simplifying the complicated and speaking to the person.  In addition, he doesn’t “work” on Fridays.  Instead, he dedicates one day a week to community service and helping people by phone, answering questions, and trying to find quick solutions.  AMAZING!  Especially in today’s very complex world of immigration.  Office phone # 540-886-6321 in Staunton, VA (suburb of DC) Competent, Quick, compassionate, hopeful, follows-through, finds the solution–I am very, very impressed. And last but not least, you come away from speaking with Rajiv feeling smart, not stupid.  Also, so rare when it comes to lawyers. Many thanks, Rajiv. Susan