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Tribendu Datta
United States

I am on H1 and my wife (on H4 visa) was out of status for more than 8 months. We received the approval nunc-pro tunc. Just to give little background, we found about this when we were planning to process her F1 visa. We browsed through all known forums and short listed two firms, Murthy's and Rajivji's. After the first consultation with Rajiv, I got some ray of hope and thought of retaining Rajivji's firm at that very moment. I omitted the options of retaining my employer's corporate firm and Murthy's firm. Rajivji was very thorough about our case and even had a discussion with my employer to get all the inputs. 

I want to convey my special thanks to Rajiv's attorney Ms Sheena Gill. She was very prompt during the preparation of this case.I really appreciate her enormous follow-ups with USCIS, without which we could not have achieved this success. Thanks to Rajivji and his entire team, they literally gave us a new life. Winning a nunc-pro-tunc case is not a piece of cake, a lot depends on luck and the skill of the law firm.  I would highly recommend Rajiv's firm to anybody for complicated case like this.

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