Guestbook Entry for Vaibhav P Tale, United States

Vaibhav P Tale
United States

Great advice on my case by Mr. Khanna

I had a trickery situation where I was

1. Changing my employer while being on H1B, 

2. Moving out of country to assume my PR status in Canada, and

3. Wanted to work for my new company in US by frequently traveling back and forth from Canada. 

Mr Khanna provided the correct advice of going for an H1B transfer instead of having a business (visitor) visa and since then, it has been a very smooth ride. 

He helped us file for the transfer as well as my wife's H4 extension. His staff is also very courteous and helped us meet a tricky timeline during my transfer even though that meant working over time for them.

I have no doubt that Mr. Khanna is one of the very best immigration lawyers in US and I highly recommend him for his services.

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