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Sree Sundaram
United States

Comments: Rajiv Khanna is an extremely competent attorney and I am extremely pleased by the service provided by his staff. I specially commend Diane Lombardo for getting things done quickly, efficiently and correctly. I would recommend this firm for anyone wishing to hire a lwayer for their GC process. Country of Birth of primary applicant: India Country of Birth of beneficiary: Colombia I-140 NIW Application received by INS on Jan, 13 1998. I-140 Additional evidence requested on April 23, 1998. I-140 Approval received on Jun 13, 1998. I-485 Received by INS on Aug 5, 1998. I-485 RFE sent out by INS on Nov 12, 1999. RFE was for employment letter, original geographical area of NIW approval and birth certificate. I-485 Response sent on December 7, 1999. I-485 Approved on December 23, 1999. Passport stamped on January 3, 2000 using courtesy copy (not original copy). Further, for those who are wondering how I was able to submit my I485 application in August 1998 when my priority date is Jan 13 1998, I qualify since I cross-charged my application under my spouse's country of birth.

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