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Nick Popov
United States

I have a lot of experience with the immigration lawyers. This time with Rajiv's office is a WAY different (better) experience:
* immaculate filing preparation - this is not some sloppy paralegal preparing your docs with bunch of misspellings and inaccuracies;
* excellent communication - forget your voice-mails with no responses or the your attorney's email black-hole. Rajiv's teams are fast in response and their answers are clear and focused on what you need to know.
* deadline oriented - with Rajiv S. Khanna's office you KNOW the answer of all your when,where,why and hows....If they commit to date - that is your filing date.You never get nonsense excuses.
* respect - all we know that immigration process is not straigth forward and trivial process. Some times things can get bumpy and you may loose your patience. At this time you need moral support and respect no less then a legal help. Rajiv's team is there for you - your best friend and guide. Actually you become at some point member of the team.
* professional awareness - here I'm going to say just one thing and if you read this you'll understand what I'm talking about. This is the first attorney company that I'm working with and I DO NOT have the feeling that I'm more up to date with the immigration law changes and updates then my attorney.
I know at a time I sound like commercial ad, so let me put some names to my words.
My awes goes to the Mathew and Aruna team. Thank you for the excellent job done so far.
And here is my time-line:

PERM: FD: 8/11/2005 AD: 9/12/2005
EAD AD 10/4/2006
AP AD 10/4/2006
I140 AD 8/5/2006
I485 .. soon...

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