Guestbook Entry for V. Patel, United States

V. Patel
United States

Dear Rajiv and Vijay, I would like to thank you and your entire staff for great job plowing through many emails/teleconferences/phone calls and documents.  As someone who pays extra attention to detail, it is refreshing to find others working with the same diligence.  Without getting into the cobwebs of my case, Mr. Khanna was introduced to a new law that affected my case.  Rather than bypassing it, we tackled it head on; it did take additional time for both the lawyers and myself, however the LCA was approved.  With such a stressful and time consuming process, Mr. Khanna and his staff, can give their clients not only the knowledge to move forward, but also peace of mind!  H1/LCA (now I-140 and I-485)

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