Guestbook Entry for Dr. Rajesh Gomtam, United States

Dr. Rajesh Gomtam
United States

My wife and I received our ‘welcome notices’ within 1.5 years of the whole process with Rajiv S. Khanna as our attorney. To give you a brief background about our GC journey, my EB1 (OR) was first approved last year. During that process, I received an RFE and Mr. Khanna and his team were very skillful in handling that RFE and got my I140 approved. Later, it was a pain staking journey concerning the I485 and finally I received the email from USCIS indicating that the ‘Welcome Notice’ was mailed and my card production was ordered. During the whole process, Mr. Khanna and Diane Lombardo were very professional and provided me with relevant information concerning all immigration related legal issues, so that I clear the process without any hassle. I strongly feel that Mr. Khanna knows his field and I would recommend his firm to anybody. We are really glad that we chose this Law firm. It’s worth every penny. We are greatly pleased with Mr. Khanna and his staff as far as their professionalism, courtesy and promptness regarding my GC processing.

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