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United States
Thank you - EB1 A approved

I wanted to say thank you Law Offices of Rajiv S. Khanna, P.C. for helping us with EB1A based immigration. The professionalism, constant guidance, and experience in dealing with attorney Rajiv and senior paralegal Diane is just commendable. Based on our experience, Rajiv is an expert in US immigration and his fact-based insights are very helpful to make informed decision.

1. The best part is that the initial assessment is FREE of charge unlike many law firms. This will help any one to take a decision based on his initial consultation. 2. Once Attorney Rajiv ji advises to move forward, he will spend enough time along with Diane to gather, conduct in depth analysis, validates against the criteria of USCIS and provide honest advice in the interest of time and cost involved. 3. Diane has drafted the petition amazingly with minute details and corresponding evidence, honestly, we were very impressed with the detailed work.

Thank you so much for your constant guidance, professional updates to the petition and continued support through out the I-140 process.

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