Immigration Reform

Obama Administration Expressed Hope That The US Congress Would Be Able To Pass The Immigration Reform Bill

According to the latest report from "Indian Express"

he Obama Administration has expressed hope that the US Congress would be able to pass the immigration reform bill, even as the House of Representative  Speaker John Boehner remained doubtful about it.

Comments on Immigration Reform Principles by the Republican Party (Continually Updated)

The GOP has announced the following principles for immigration reform. Most observers including this writer are encouraged by the willingness of GOP to address the immigration reform issues. These represent a broad overview and perhaps a point of departure from where detailed bills can be crafted in a manner acceptable to all stakeholders. My comments are enclosed in HTML quotes.

Readout of the President’s Meeting with Members of the Senate Democratic Caucus

The President met with members of the Senate Democratic Caucus. The group discussed their shared goals for 2014, and the President expressed his desire to continue to work together to advance a number of our priorities for the year to strengthen our economy, create jobs and build the middle class.