March 03, 2022 Free US Immigration Community Conference Call with Rajiv (Every Other Thursday)

Discussion Topics, Thursday, March 03, 2022:

FAQ: Abandonment; can I leave the USA while a change of status is pending?/Stamping requirements || Relation between F-1 status and I-485 AOS (child covered under Child Status Protection Act (CSPA)) || Relation between F-1 OPT and H-1B lottery change of status and changing employers || Is doing an unpaid U.S. externship/observership with F-2 visa unauthorized employment? || Can parents of U.S. citizens travel to the U.S. on an existing B-2 visa while their GC is pending?

Other: Green card or citizenship for non-citizen residents of the United States using a State’s Paid Leave Program || Is it legal to give your child a different last name other than the parents? || In U.S. continuously on H-4 to F-1 to H-1 and now need to travel internationally for work. Any issues getting H-1 visa stamping? || H-1B visa stamping under waivers of the interview and dropbox requirements || Options for child covered under Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) || Am I eligible for H-1B cap exempt if filing now but selected for 2018 lottery? || Fiancé(e) visa process and study/work options on arrival || What happens once the Priority Date (PD) becomes current for a I-485 application?

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