Recording for June 15, 2023 Conference Call with Rajiv S. Khanna

Discussion Topics:

Seeking Immigration to the US: Assistance for spouse of a U.S. Citizen returning from Bangladesh || H-1B NOIR (Notice Of Intent to Revoke) impact on H-4 Visa, H-1B status and future employment options || Discrepancy in employer name I-797: Legal and trade name combined || Consequences of not filing AR-11 for H-1B change of address and potential impacts || Denied I-485, I-131, and I-765 applications: Next steps and options for resolution || Immigration status scenarios for primary and dependents: AP (Advance Parole) , H-1, H-4, and I-485 pending || Working for multiple employers: Exploring O-1 visa and H-1B options || EB-2-NIW eligibility for a Canadian citizen with Indian background, IT experience, and diverse professional background || Traveling outside the U.S. for H-1 visa stamping with H-4 spouse in the U.S.: Considerations and potential 221(g) delays || H-1B transfer with pending H-4 Change of Status and EAD: What are the implications? || Potential consequences of submitting multiple H-1B filings on STEM OPT and the approval process || Utilizing advance parole document despite international travel while the I-131 application was pending || H-1B location discrepancy: Having H-1B work location in one state and permanent residence in another?

Citizenship and Naturalization

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