Recording for February 23, 2023 Conference Call with Rajiv S. Khanna

Discussion Topics:

FAQs: H-1B visa cap exemption - How does the 6-year rule work? || Will having EAD cards or petition approvals with gaps in the start and end date cause an issue?|| H-1B visa layoff options - Going to home country and applying for jobs, going through the lottery again, documents required to apply for a new visa to explain missing pay stubs and the contents of the documentation for termination contract sent by the company to the USCIS

Other: || PERM labor certification transfer, filing PERM using the experience gained with a previous employer, filing employment and marriage based green card concurrently and does the U.S. monitor temporary visa and green card holders? || || Does having a U.S. sponsor increase your chances for an F-1 visa? || How does the L-1B 60 day grace period work? Will having a Canada visitor visa help? || H-1B cap gap extension and the right time to apply for a green card || Can I visit my spouse on a B-1 or B-2 visa with an approved I-130 while waiting for NVC processing to complete? || Current economic uncertainties - Can I use my EB-2 EAD or F-3 (Family petition) EAD after my H-1B expires and on what EAD can my spouse travel? || Can a student on F-1 STEM OPT open an LLC and employ himself, and then file for a H-1B through that LLC? || L-2 status ends: Change of status to F or E-2 visa and can the company apply for I-485, can spouses L-1 visa extension be an advantage?|| GC filing process on joining day-one with H-1B employer, fees and other procedures

Immigration Law

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