Recording for March 28, 2024 Conference Call with Rajiv S. Khanna

Discussion Topics:

FAQs: Staying outside the US on Re-Entry Permit Validity, Usage, and Multiple Entries for Green Card Holders || Unemployment Benefits for H-4 + EAD Holders with Previous H-1B employment 

Others: H-1B Visa Renewal and Travel Logistics || H-1B Transfer After Project Delay & First-Time Travel (Tourist visa to US entry) || H-1B Visa Holder Seeking to Work Remotely on Non-Related Projects: Legal Considerations || EB-3 PERM & Nurse Spouse Green Card: Filing Strategies for Nepali Couple (H-1B and Processing Times) || COS F-1 OPT to H-4: Discrepancy in Salary on I-539 (Unpaid Work & Volunteering Concerns) || EAD Received During Pending I-485 (F-1 Status & Maintaining Until Green Card?) || Leaving Kids in Car (Massachusetts): Misdemeanor Charge & DCF Involvement (Green Card Holder) || Travel With Pending I-485 (More Than 80 Days), Advance Parole & Unpaid Leave (EB-2 Category) || Mother's B-2 Visa Extension & Re-Entry After 14 Months (Green Card Pending)

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