Recording of October 13, 2022, Free US Immigration Community Conference Call with Rajiv (Every Other Thursday)

Discussion Topics:

FAQ: Can I change my status from B-1/B-2 to H-1B, L-1, F-1?|| Can an H-1B holder open an LLC in the US and employ their spouse on H-4 EAD? || Parents staying in or traveling to the U.S. while their green card petition is pending? || Volunteer work on an H-1B visa || Deportation when a permanent resident is involved in Shoplifting || 7th year H-1B extension with pending PERM

Other: My daughter is past 21 years of age and is working on H-1B visa. She has two pending I-485s (filed as my dependent). Can her company start a new GC application for her? Will it affect the pending I-485s? ||Attorney from India currently on H-4 visa trying to pursue BAR exam in the U.S || Can I switch jobs after getting a Green Card? || Got divorced while Asylum case is pending? || H-1B Cap Exempt Issues: Travel, Transfer from one employer to another and Concurrent H-1B|| Green card and Re-Entry Permit || What happens to the U.S. visa when a passport is renewed? || Can a U.S. citizen expedite immigration process for the mother on humanitarian grounds? || Traveling outside the U.S. while I-131 is pending and change of address when a Green Card application is pending with the USCIS || Can a pregnant F-1 student drop/reduce their courses in the final trimester of pregnancy while maintaining status || I-797 approval with different employer name in spouse's visa stamp || Entered USA on H-4 visa, the stamp is missing on passport, is this common? || How long does it take to get a consular appointment date from the U.S. embassy in Bombay, after NVC approved the I-130? || Can I work remotely on the L-1B visa? What documents are required at the port of entry? || Can I get my current H-1B and H-1B extensions stamped at the same time? Can the spouse get the current H-4 and new H-4 visa stamped based on my H-1B extension?

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