Recording of June 9, 2022, Free US Immigration Community Conference Call with Rajiv (Every Other Thursday)

FAQs: Traveled on Advance Parole - Maintaining H-1B status without going for stamping and filing multiple I-485 or Interfiling || Green card application for parents during tourist visa || How are PERM minimum job requirements determined? || Extending or Renewing F-1 student visa risks and requirements || Various Interfiling Issues ||

Other Topics : Changing employer before 180 days of I-485 pendency || L-1A to green card through spouse || Will my child be protected by CSPA while moving from F-1 to L-2, the option of continuing with F-1 OPT, chances of getting H-1B and including the child in green card processing? || Is it legal as a student of F-1 to receive money from someone on PayPal and other sources? || H-1B Cap Exempt: Changing jobs and will H-1B lottery remain valid || I-140 rejected: Choosing Adjustment of Status || F-1 to H-1 consular processing and change of employers || I-797 received date & priority date are different (CSPA confusion) ||

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