Oct 28, 2021 Free US Immigration Community Conference Call with Rajiv (Every Other Thursday)

Discussion Topics, Thursday, October 28, 2021:

FAQ: Change of jobs with an approved I-140 from employer A and Reapplying PERM through B || Impact of reportees outside the U.S. or in third countries on L-1A and EB-1 petitions || Are L-1B visa holders eligible to work remotely? || Approved EB-2/EB-3: Interfiling/upgrading to EB-2 with employers A and B || Working outside the U.S. for four months with a recently issued green card || Documents needed by and anticipated questions for green card holders at the port of entry

Other: I am a Canadian citizen and I overstayed my visitor's visa to the U.S. Can I return? || Options for applying for a new H-4 EAD || F-1 Change of Status after winning the DV lottery and options for spouse, currently in a graduate program in another country, who is in the same DV application as a derivative || Misdemeanor case with I-485 application - Attorney-Client confidentiality || EB-2 to EB-3 downgrading || When EB-2 moves faster, can I interfile to EB-2 from EB-3 with my new employer B? || Does a dual citizen of the U.S. need to be present for a certain time in the U.S. for processing green card visas for adult children when dates become current?|| Can a misdemeanor affect my green card application? || Issue with inconsistent reference to ed. institute: University referenced in Academic Equivalency Evaluation and just the college within university referenced in PERM ||

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