Rajiv's News Clips - As H-1B employees return to their workplace, compliance obligations arise

Published by: The Times Of India - Date: October 02, 2021

Quotes and Excerpts from Rajiv on the article:

Rajiv S Khanna, Managing Attorney at Immigration.com says, "H-1B regulations require that whenever there is a 'substantial change' in the job, a formal amendment must be filed with the USCIS. Any relocation of an employee farther than approximately 50 miles is included within the definition of substantial change. Unfortunately, an amendment takes precisely the same amount of paperwork as a new H1B or a change of employer does. Further, an amendment is treated by the USCIS as an invitation to examine the already decided case anew. This adds on to the uncertainty of the outcome and creates an additional burden on the employers who are already struggling with the pandemic’s economic effects." 

For more on this news please see the attachment.


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