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If I may verify the processing times involved in NIW. Since it falls under EB2 category, I am assuming it may be a long time before I can get my EAD card and be able to change employers. Also, I want to confirm if there could be issues if I change employers during the process - If so, I'd prefer to change my current employer before starting with it.

You can change employers any time if you are a self-applicant and will continue to work in your stated area of national interest.  But NIW priority date will take the same time as a normal EB-2 application does.  See: 

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Work Done: Green Card Can People Contact Me As a Reference: by all means. Comments: My family and I got GC under EB2 this Friday last. We had an extremely pleasant experience with this office. I had personally interacted with Rajiv, Suman, Bharathi, Prerna on various occasions. They are prompt in returning e-mails ( turn around time less than 24hrs). In fact when I applied for AC-21 in 2007, I was called for an interview. Rajiv was kind enough to give me his cell phone number with the liberty to contact him if the need arises. Since we finished our labor (under PERM) and all other requirements, We got into EAD/AP mode in 6 months ( Aug 2005) from the start date ( Feb 2005) for the whole  process. This office has been filing my EAD and AP since ( about 4 times now). Thanks for all the help. Dr  Narayana Bhat Bhat Dental Associates 590 Eagles Landing Pkwy Stockbridge, GA 30281 678-289-2122 

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We have recently won a case for an applicant who worked as a clinical dental professor and a researcher. The case was won following a Request for Evidence. We showed that the applicant qualified based on his international awards and honors and his highly regarded professional memberships. We provided substantial documentation to show the stringent criteria to obtain such honors.