Physical Therapists

EB-3 (Schedule A) Physical Therapists Services and Fees

The fee schedule for EB-3 (Schedule A) Physical Therapists (fees are payable by personal or corporate checks) is as follows:

 1. Legal Fees (for our Office):

$5,800 ($4,600 at the commencement of the case and
$1,200 at the time of the preparation of I-485).


Filing Fees (to the USCIS): Single Applicant


Processing Times Involved in NIW

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If I may verify the processing times involved in NIW. Since it falls under EB2 category, I am assuming it may be a long time before I can get my EAD card and be able to change employers. Also, I want to confirm if there could be issues if I change employers during the process - If so, I'd prefer to change my current employer before starting with it.

You can change employers any time if you are a self-applicant and will continue to work in your stated area of national interest.  But NIW priority date will take the same time as a normal EB-2 application does.  See: 

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Concurrent AOS filing for EB-2 Physical Therapist

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Is this true ? - "If the ‘Schedule A’ application falls into the “EB-2” or Employment Based Second Preference category (the employer requires a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy or a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy + 5 years of experience), then the Adjustment of Status application can be submitted simultaneously with the Form I-140".

Concurrent filing is possible ONLY if your priority date for EB-2 is current, and not backlogged.

Work Authorization for Family through Physical Therapist Category

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Can I get work authorization for my family if I apply through the physical therapist category?

The physical therapist category just allows you to skip the PERM/the Labor Authorization part. It does not render you or make you exempt from the rest of the requirements of immigration law. Immigration law requires that, in order for you or your family to get work authorization through the Green Card process, your priority date must be current. When the priority date becomes current, that’s when the family will get their work authorization.

EB2 Approval for Physical Therapist

We have recently received an EB2 approval for a Physical Therapist.  EB2 classification has become especially important now that EB3 category cases for severely backlogged countries are delayed so much.  The good news with PT’s is that they do not have to go through the PERM process.  But the bad news is that USCIS seems to question whether or not truly a Master’s degree or BS+5 years level job is being offered.  The I-140 approval took 1.5 months in regular processing.



Green Card

NPTE license

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After clearing the NPTE license exam do we need to go for health care worker screening or with EAD we can work?

If you already have an EAD, for instance as a derivative beneficiary, you only need to fulfill the State licensing requirements.