K-3 Visa

The Economic Times NRI Helpdesk: Can I extend my US visitor visa before it expires? And other FAQ's answered by Rajiv S. Khanna

Question: I have a visitor visa for the USA for multiple visits up to June-2023. Can I apply for an extension of the visa before the expiry date? Also, advise procedure for extensions and where I can get the application form, so I can keep all details ready.

Answer: I am not aware if there is a procedure to apply for a visitor visa extension before expiration. You can send an email to the consulate to confirm. There is, however, a restriction under the consular standard operating procedures on holding concurrently valid visas of the same type.

Revised I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e)

The current edition is dated 06/13/13. (USCIS will accept editions dated 06/22/12, 11/23/10, 06/14/10, and 02/19/10 until September 16, 2013. After September 16, 2013, USCIS will only accept the 06/13/13 edition.)
Purpose of Form :
To petition to bring your fiancé(e) (K-1) and that person's children to the U.S. for marriage to you or to bring your spouse and that person's children (K-3 and K-4 visas, respectively) to the United States to complete processing for permanent resident status (under the LIFE Act and Amendments of 2000).

New GC for my wife and child

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My wife got her green card in 2006 but since 2008 she has been staying continuously overseas. In 2009 she applied and received SB-1 visa but she was not able to return to US before it expired.In 2009 our daughter was born overseas. Just recently I have become a US citizen through the naturalization process. I am planning to bring all my family members to US in April 2012. What are our options?

Apply for their green card and shoot for a K-3 visa simultaneously.

K-3 Visa

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How long is it taking for K-3 visa to get approved? If we moved the wedding to Jan 31st, is there a chance to get K-3 approved by July 31st? My sister's fiance is in India. She lives in Philadelphia (Vermont service center). I also hear K-3 is getting closed automatically because I-130 is approved. Is this true?

Once the I-130 is approved and consulate is notified of the approval, they will not issue a K-3. They expect us to wait for the green card approval.

I-130 approved,can k3 be filed?

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My father(us citizen)petitioned for my mother march09,case approved june09,since then nothing,can he file (k3) for her.

From what I recall, K-3 can be approved at the consulate only until they do not receive official notification of the approval from USCIS. I think it may be too late for your mother. She will probably need to wait for her green card now. That is likely to be quicker than a K-3 at this point, anyway.