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Successful H1 and H4 Stamping Experience

New Delhi

I  will begin with a sincere thanks for all the information I have got from these forums over the last few months and the amount of confidence I have gained through it.
Now, its my turn give back something by sharing my experience and hope this helps in giving some information to the others like me.

My visa was scheduled for 08:15 AM I reached the car parking in the nearby Malcha Marg parking by 7:45 AM. It is few minutes walk from there. I reached embassy by 7:55 or so. I was with my wife who would get an H4.


H-1 visa stamping at Islamabad

I would like to share my latest H1B visa stamping experience Islambad. My brief background: I came to US first in Aug 2004 on F1 visa with my wife and kid on F2 visas. We visited Pakistan in Jun 2006 while on F1. My H1B status started in Oct 2007. We came to Pakistan in last week of December 2008 and needed to obtain H1B visas to return back to USA. We got our appointment for Jan 9, 2009. VO asked few general questions related to job etc. and examined my original educational documents, letter from my employer, my tax returns and my salary slips.

H1B - Pakistan Visit Experience

My Year 2004's Pakistan Visit Experience:
Applied for my H1B stamp
================================================== ====
1. I came to Pakistan in June 15, 2004 with I-797 H1B approval notice
2. Applied for US visa stamp within a week or two
3. Got my passport back with interview req. after 2 weeks of application
4. Went the following day and showed them the following documents
a. I-797 H1B approval notice
b. Job Letter
c. Two recent paystubs

H-1B Visa Approval

I have contacted you in the month of June, 05 regarding my F1-H1 Issue. My H1-B visa was approved by the American Consulate in Mumbai with out any problems and I am in the US right now. I would like to genuinely thank you for all your help and advise and I am glad that I took your services as I tried a number of lawyers before you and everyone gave me conflicting advises. I am writing to you my whole experience in detail so that you can put this in forum as other people may get help from this.

Successful H1 revalidation at Vancouver

If anyone's interested: I had an appointment today for H1B visa revalidation. Overall it was a smooth experience. I was asked for my paystubs though.

Degree etc was not asked for. Total interview time was 2 minutes. The only question I was asked was whether I am working for the same company for which I had received an H1 visa previously. In my case that holds true. I also had an F1 visa previously. US Degree.

If anyone's interested: I had an appointment today for H1B visa revalidation. Overall it was a smooth experience. I was asked for my paystubs though.

H-1 Visa Interview in Canada


hi all,
i think my experience might help others so i m writing it down.
my husband and i came to toronto canada on sep, 6th 2005 (yes 2 days ago).
we had our interview appointment on sep, 7 9:00 am.
my husband came to US from pakistan in 1999 on a student visa. He did his masters and then got a job in Houston. He is a mechanical enigineer.
we got married in 2002 and got our first H1 stamped from islamabad, pakistan.