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DV Lottery Interview Experience

Hello people.

i had my interview a month ago and due to sputum test thing i had to wait till today for the results.
they sent my medical report to embassy and tomorrow i am going to send my passport to embassy for temporary visa.
i had my interview with my wife, and we waited like 2 hours before the interview.

my wife and i were married after i won the lottery by the way.
we got lots of photos with us to Ankara. 

The Journey starts

Well I managed to wrestle my way through cluster-crap Dar es Salaam traffic today and made it to the US Embassy at 1:45pm and was immediately whisked in.

When I walked into the consular section I was flabbergasted by the number of people there (I could easily count 50 people) and knew I'd be there for at least 2-3 hours.

Anyway the guard who ushered me in told me to go hand my green pickup slip at the counter which I did and was told to sit and wait.

DV 2013 Visa Interview Experience, Kathmandu Nepal


Here is my DV visa interview experience. It was a success.

Embassy: Kathmandu, Nepal

CO: Male, Mid 30s
Interviewee (Me): Male, Mid 20s, Single.

CO: What is your name ?
CO: What did you study ?
CO: Why did you go to that college ? (college was in India)
CO: What do you do now ?
... (I said I used to work as .....)

CO: Why did you leave the job ?
... (I said to for this interview, had to leave the country of job and come prepare documents)

DV- Visa Interview Experience

My second successful interview experience!!!!!!!!!!
Come and join me singing halleluyah,jehovan jareh has done it again for me.

Thank you everybody for your prayer upon me and to the shame of the Devil,I have made it again.

Initially,I had a successful interview on Tuesday and was given Visa pick up letter against 22nd March but latter called this morning that I need to come to Embassy by 1pm so i quickly went ther cos i didt know what was it.

DV- Visa Interview Experience

My Glorious and God favoured interview experience at last!
We got to the Embassy as early as 5:45am and we all waited till around 7am when they started calling people according to categories; Dv, and other Visa application cadres.
After the usual security check, payment and submission, we were called to window 11 by a young handsome good looking American guy 4 our interview.
Me and wife: gud morning sir!(with smile)
Co: gud morning(with a normal face, no smile)
Co: do u swear to tell the truth today?
Me & wife : We promise

Interview Experience for DV 2013 AOS

OK, did our interview today (FO: Chatsworth, CA) - here is a brief summary:
- there were a lot of people and we were called in approx. 2 hours after our original appointment time. The officer was very nice and apologized for the long wait.
- he asked us very few questions, since all paperwork was in our files 
- he made copies of our IDs and passports
- double checked our electronic file
- he secured a DV # for us and provided us with a welcome letter 
- said that the GC will arrive in three weeks, but most likely earlier 

DV- Kenya Interview Experience

My interview was scheduled for 8.00am i was there @ 6.30 which was early but its good , they dont allow you in until 30mins to your time.
it wasnt as cold, i had a running stomach.. for some reason my stomach started aching
We were searched at the gate as we entered the compound ( make sure you have your appointment letter and passport out)

o the second entrance , a lady confirms your appointment again , you queue not for long the the last security check ( all phones off), you leave your phone here and given a tag.

Interview in Dhaka

I had been called for interview on 23rd Aug at Dhaka USA embassy. I am a DV 2012 applicant from Bangladesh and my DS-230, 122 form and pgotograph was received by KCC on 24th July 2012. 9th August I received 2NL and my interview was 23rd Aug.

My interview was so far good. I was able to submit all papers/documents that they have asked. After the interview Consular Officer said "you will get visa. your interview is successful. but we need time to complete our official work. This is Normal."