Finger printing Community Stories

Our Biometrics FP appointment was this morning

Arrive Early before the ASC office opens as there are many people that have same Appt. time , the line fills in fast.
Bring the following:
1)Your original ASC appt. notice
2) Photo ID (IF Photo ID passport has different last name than your ASC notice , bring Marriage license, If your ID and Appt. notice name are not same they will turn you away unless you have Marriage license)
3) Be sure your fingers/ hands are not dry or cracked, If you have dry hands put lotion on the nigt before so when you arrive they will take good prints

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Finger Print experience in Oakland, CA

I thought I'll share my FP experience in Oakland, CA which might be useful to others. I had my FP scheduled for tomorrow but since we have other errands to run tomorrow we went in today at 8:15 AM. To our surprise they did not even question us about the date. They just glanced at our FP notice and gave us a form to fill up. Even before I finished filling my form my number was up.

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Finger print experience

Based on the advice of some of the members at immigrationportal and being an eternal optimist, I went to Vermont Service center on Aug 23rd taking a dayoff. The lady in the counter told me that my file is in queue for FP scheduling. I told her that I got the same reply even two months back when I made senatorial enquiry.

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