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Changing Jobs During Green Card

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I am still in the process of getting a green card. During this process I want to change my job from a present one to another one that is more challenging than the present one. Would this in any way affect getting the green card or is it advisable not to shift jobs now?


See clip from Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna's conference call video that addresses this question.  


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Obama's Immigration Action, Discussion with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna

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For updates, see my blog page on Obama's Immigration Action.

Takeaway points for legal immigration from President Obama’s executive action: 

1.      USCIS is “about to” publish the final rule on H-4 work authorization.  That will make it possible for certain spouses of H-1 holders to get work authorization.

 2.      Improving employment-based green card backlogs by:

 a.       Making visa issuance more efficient so no immigrant visas are wasted;

 b.      Providing for better AC21 rules and other ways to keep immigrant visas intact after a change of jobs.  USCIS will clarify what constitutes “same or similar” job so that AC21 will not stop workers from getting promotions or even changing to related jobs within their field.  USCIS must clear the path to career progression for green card applicants.

 3.      Expandingfurther the OPT time for STEM students, but creating tighter control on which universities/schools/degrees are eligible and ensure local workers are protected (Implement some sort of a “mini PERM?”).

 4.      Creating opportunities for foreign “inventors, researchers and founders of start-up” companies to come to the USA through an existing program called “National Interest Waiver.”  Unfortunately for India, this is an EB-2 category program requiring several years of wait.  But the following parole program will help:

 a.       Creating a parole (which is usually a temporary, but very quick measure and could eventually lead to a green card) program so that on a case-by-case bases, “inventors, researchers and founders of start-up” companies can be brought quickly into the USA where: 

 i.They have raised financing in the USA; OR  

 ii.Otherwise hold the promise of innovation and job creation through development of new technologies OR cutting edge research

 5.      Creating guidelines for exceptionally qualified or advanced degreed individuals to come to the USA through an existing program called “National Interest Waiver.”  As noted, unfortunately for India, this is an EB-2 category program requiring several years of wait.  But the parole option above could be helpful.

 6.      Providing clear guidance on L-1B program as to who can qualify. 


Concurrent AOS filing for EB-2 Physical Therapist

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Is this true ? - "If the ‘Schedule A’ application falls into the “EB-2” or Employment Based Second Preference category (the employer requires a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy or a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy + 5 years of experience), then the Adjustment of Status application can be submitted simultaneously with the Form I-140".

Concurrent filing is possible ONLY if your priority date for EB-2 is current, and not backlogged.

Obama's Immigration Action EAD At I-140 Stage

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I am on H-1B Visa, got my I-140 approved in EB-2 Category and waiting for the dates to get current. Based on Executive Action, shall I be given any EAD ? Or at least any other forms so that I can travel and need not go for Visa Stamping and all the additional paper work.

I have heard that there is a proposal to allow filing of I-485 


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I am working on H-1B. This week, I got my I-140 petition approved that was filed in EB2. I am Indian citizen born in India. My marriage is scheduled to happen in Jan, 2015. The girl is citizen of India and was born in Nepal. I have heard that after marriage, I would be eligible to file I-485 for both myself and my (then) wife, based on cross-chargeability rules. <br>
1: Is my eligibility to file I-485 (based on the birth country of wife) and its approval thereafter dependent on discretion of USCIS? If yes, does USCIS generally approve or deny such I-485 petitions filed on the basis of cross chargeability rules? <br>
2: Is there any reason due to which my wife and I would be denied from filing I-485 and there-after getting an approval of I-485 (leaving aside fraud matters)? <br>
3: My fiancée is yet to get her passport made in India. I found that my fiancée does not have her birth certificate from Nepal. Is a birth certificate the only way to prove location of birth? If she gets her birth certificate made now, Does the USCIS create issues about a birth certificate made so many years after birth? <br>
4: In my scenario (EB2 petition, primary applicant India born, wife Nepal born Indian citizen), How long (approximately) after filing I-485 would it take to get the green card?

See clip from Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna's conference call video that addresses this question. 

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Writ of Mandamus for Govt. Delays

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Hello Rajiv Ji,
Thanks for your time and responses (over the email). I have below questions.

1) I am an EB-2, with Priority date Jun-2008. Applied i-485 in Jan-2012. Cut-off date became current in July-2014. Through congressperson / infopass found that my application is in background checks.
1.a) I have given fingerprints 2.5 years ago and background checks are not cleared yet. so what are my options in expediting it?
1.b) My worry is the checks may not be cleared before next time dates become current, and I may be in the same situation again.
1.b) Can I use Writ of Mandamus? Does my case (485 pending for 2.5 years, current for 2.5 months, but background checks are not completed yet) have enough reasons to claim "unreasonable delay"?

2) I am using my EAD. My labor says "Senior Analyst" as my job title.
2.a) Can I accept a promotion with a director/managerial job title ?
2.b) or does it cause a problem / RFE in future? Duties are more or less similar and work on same software technology, but will have few direct reports and need to manage projects.

3) Can I switch to H1-B as a safe measure?
3.a) Does switching mean I am abandoning my GC?
3.b) Do I need to go out of the country for stamping or can I continue to work without going out?
3.b) what are the risks involved?

See the marked clip below from Rajiv's video recording for the answer to this question.