National Interest Waiver

A method to obtain green card used to avoid the need for PERM based labor certification.

Do I Qualify for EB-1

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I got my Ph.D. (biochemistry and molecular biology) and I have 3+ years of post-doctoral experience. I have 4 publications (3 lead author) in human pathogenic research. Could you please comment on my eligibility for EB-1 or NIW.

My best GUESS is probably not. While NIW/EB-1 should not be a numbers game: how many publications, how many citations..., but it often ends up like that. Given that if you had one publication in a premier journal like Science, that would could count a lot more than 5 or 10 publications in a lower impact factor journal.

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How long does it take from PERM to Green Card, and difference between NIW and PERM Labor Certification?

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1) How long does one have to wait in total if the company applied for PERM (EB2 - MS CS degree), and THEN Concurrently applied for I-140 (premium) and I-485 and the country of birth is UAE?

2) Can the above be done on an F-1 (OPT + STEM OPT) Visa instead of an H-1B? And any potential issues for F-1 in this case?

3) In this scenario, how would it work if the person also submits NIW in parallel with PERM?


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  1. I would say an average of a couple of years. 
  2. Yes, it can be. Please go through my blogs and articles on the economic author page for more details on this issue.
  3. It would work  just fine. Your lawyers can organize that. 

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PhD students and eligibility for EB-2 NIW and working on F-1 OPT

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1) Is it possible for current PhD students to apply for EB-2 NIW?
I have been through websites where they have said It's Possible, but then why is it not possible for current MS students?
2) Is it possible to work and study in F-1 OPT after completing the degree?

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Sure, you can apply for any of these green cards while you are still a student.

Please go through my article in The Economic Times:

NIW laws require only that you possess an advanced degree. A Master’s degree is an advanced degree.

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