National Interest Waiver

A method to obtain green card used to avoid the need for PERM based labor certification.

Do I Qualify for EB-1

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I got my Ph.D. (biochemistry and molecular biology) and I have 3+ years of post-doctoral experience. I have 4 publications (3 lead author) in human pathogenic research. Could you please comment on my eligibility for EB-1 or NIW.

My best GUESS is probably not. While NIW/EB-1 should not be a numbers game: how many publications, how many citations..., but it often ends up like that. Given that if you had one publication in a premier journal like Science, that would could count a lot more than 5 or 10 publications in a lower impact factor journal.

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Assessing eligibility and strengthening profile for EB2-NIW application without a research background

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I'm from Bangladesh and am pursuing a non-thesis Master’s degree in Civil Engineering at Texas A&M University. My area of specialization is Geotechnical Engineering. I’ll graduate with my degree in May 2025 after completing a co-op with one of the top Engineering and construction companies in the United States. The company also offered me a full-time position after my graduation so that I could continue my work with them. Many PhD candidates from my country with a master's degree are applying for EB2-NIW using their citations and research experience.

1. Since I lack a prominent research background (basically, I have no experience at all in terms of publication/citation), do I have a chance of getting approval for EB2-NIW?

2. Is citation/research compulsory for EB2-NIW to get approved?

3. If I want to apply in the future, how should I prepare my profile to increase my chances? I’m more interested in working in the industry than in research and academia.

4. I want to mention that, from my experience, there is a huge demand for geotechnical engineers in the civil engineering industry, but not many people, especially Americans, are pursuing this major. Can I use this fact to show national interest?


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The key is to emphasize activities and achievements that demonstrate your potential to contribute significantly at a national scale. Your profile should highlight projects or initiatives that have a broad, national-level impact, as this aligns closely with the NIW criteria.


Benefits of National Interest Waiver

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Two general questions,

1. What are the benefits of filing an EB2 NIW for a person whose I-140 has already been approved by an employer in the same category apart from NIW, not depending on your employer? Also, can you get your I140 approved priority date to your NIW?

2. Is it possible to renew the H-1B visa stamp before expiration? For example, if my H1B expires on November 1st and I apply for a visa stamp in October with approved extension I797, Would I be able to renew it?


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While an approved I-140 with an employer offers some benefits, an EB-2 NIW grants portability - you can keep your green card across job changes in your field. It also allows extending your H-1B past the 6-year limit and enables your spouse to work and travel with you.  For those with backlogged priority dates (e.g., India), NIW can help with I-130 petitions in specific situations. If your I-140 is approved already, the main advantage of NIW becomes self-sponsorship.  Finally, you can renew your H-1B visa stamp before expiry, though consulate lead times (like four months) might apply.


Layoff during Self-NIW application, changing jobs with NIW not yet filed, pending or approved

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I started the self-NIW application while working with employer A, but for some reason, I could not file the petition. Later I got laid off from employer A and now I'm working with employer B.

I want to restart the NIW application. Questions:

1. Since I got laid off with employer A, will that be a challenge/red flag in my petition?

2. It's only been one month with employee B. Shall I wait some time at company B to restart my NIW application? or doesn't it matter?


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Answer 1. Being laid off is not a challenge/red flag. 

Answer 2. There's no reason it should be. You don't need to wait to restart the application. You can file it even though you've only been with employer B for a month.

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National Interest Waiver standards; AI list of critical and emerging technologies focus

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Can having an MS in STEM degree with an AI focus and an intention to create a high impact with it for the US along with a plan for it, be enough for NIW? Or would more qualifications typically be needed even at the current stage?

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The full impact of working with emerging and critical technologies on National Interest Waiver (NIW) applications remains unclear, with potential new regulations expected by April 2024.  While there's a presumption that these technologies align with national interest, you must go beyond that. Highlight the national or non-local impact of the specific work you do – whether it's responsible AI development or ensuring AI transparency. Emphasize how your work extends benefits beyond a single company, as this is essential for a successful NIW application.


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