National Interest Waiver

A method to obtain green card used to avoid the need for PERM based labor certification.

Obtaining H-1 Extension beyond 6 years

Question details

My 6 year period of H1b visa expires in Dec 2010 and my labor application is still pending for approval. It was filed in February 2009. Am I eligible to apply for a visa extension , if so when should I apply for that? I assume I still have time.

H-1 extension beyond six years can be obtained under two circumstances:

First, indefinite H-1 extensions in one-year increments can be obtained, if the I-140 (or I-485) was filed and the green card process was started a year ago. The GC process is started for:

- Labor Certification based cases (including PERM) the date for the begining of the countdown is the date when the labor certification is officially received:
- for PRE PERM cases - by the local office (SWA); and

Criteria for Outstanding Researcher/Professor Category

Preliminary requirement: The applicants must be able to document at least three years of experience in teaching and/or research in the specified academic field and that they are "recognized internationally."

Generally speaking, experience in teaching or research while working on an advanced degree will not satisfy the three year requirement.

Pointers for EB1/NIW filings

The following pointers have emerged from recent cases and comments from USCIS:

1. Make sure you document the citation records (to show how many hits the journal gets), impact factor and circulation figures of the journals in which your publications appear.

2. (This we already knew) Recommendations from people who know you personally carry less weight than from those who know you by reputation.

3. Emphasize/document the "international" nature of your accomplishments.

Filing EB1 while EB2 AOS is pending

I am thinking about applying for green card under EB-1A or EB-1B. Currently I have an approved I-140 (2005, EB2). I have a few questions:
Q.a) Is the EB1A or EB1-B I-140 premium processed?

Q.b) Do I need to submit another set of I-485 with the EB-1 application even though the EB-2 I-485 are pending with USCIS?

Q.c) Which option would be better for me - EB-1A or EB-1B? I am currently an associate professor at XXX University.

Basic Criteria for Extraordinary Ability

This morning, I was working on explaining to a client (whom I respect greatly), one of the foremost musicians from India, how EB1 (Extraordinary Ability) category applies to musicians and performers. As I was sending him the basic information on EB1 category, I thought I will share the general criteria with all of you. This information is for EA, generally and applies to all fields - not just music. See attached.

Physician in Medically Underserved Area, EB2/NIW

We won a case for a physician who provided a contract for services for 5 years in a medically underserved area. This applicant also submitted copies of his degree, medical license, medical degree equivalency evaluation, USMLE Step 1, 2 and 3, status paperwork, letter from potential employer stating need, documentation of statistical data on medically underserved area and a letter from Bureau of Health Care Services.

Physician in Medically Underserved Area, EB2/NIW

This applicant provided a 5-year contract for services in a medically underserved area, a copy of his J-1 residency requirement waiver, letters from the Health and Human Services office in his area requesting his services, documentation to reflect the statistics of the health professional shortage in his employment area as well as copies of his license to practice medicine.

MD, Ph.D. and MSE in Biomedical Engineering, EB2/NIW

We won a National Interest Waiver case for an applicant holding an M.D., Ph.D. and MSE in Biomedical Engineering, and a B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering. This applicant had an extraordinary background. His degrees were received from the most prestigious institutes in the world, notably Harvard, MIT and Johns Hopkins University . His pioneering work has lead others in the field to a better understanding of what causes sudden cardiac death through fatal arrhythmias. His work was quoted as "revolutionizing health care."

Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, EB2/NIW

We won a National Interest Waiver case for a Molecular Biologist holding a Ph.D. having over ten years of research experience. We argued that her qualifications were unique as compared to others in the field and that she was noted as one of the few in her field that has achieved the highest level of success. She had remarkable contributions to the field, most notably her significant discoveries in cardiovascular research. This applicant had an extensive publication list as well as a book chapter.

NIW Experience - Very Encouraging

Dear all

I came to the USA from New Delhi, India with a Master's in Microbiology in 1992 - to pursue a Ph.D. in Biochemistry / Molecular biology specializing in protein engineering. In 2000, started a post doc- 7 months at Brigham and Women's hospital - did not get along with the indian jerk of a boss so changed to the main Harvard medical School quad under a fantastic caucasian post doc mentor and a very good friend, a very liberal democrat (Go John Kerry).