N Visa

Business or Employment Related Travel to the USA During Ban - National Interest Exception NIE

The travel bans necessitated by the COVID pandemic have created much flux and uncertainty. Synthesizing the information now finally available from various US government sources, it is clearer now that many intending travelers can seek and obtain an exemption from the ban under a series of provisions for a National Interest Exception (NIE).


Do you Qualify for an NIE?


You should be able to apply for an NIE to overcome the ban on travel to the USA if you meet any one or more of the following categories:

N Visa Overview

NATO Visa Overview

Under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), certain representatives and staff from member countries can enter the U.S. with temporary visas.  Under the treaty, these visa holders are not subject to normal immigration inspections and documentary requirements.  Instead, consular officials decide whether they are admitted.  Admission is for as long as the Secretary of State recognizes their status. Employment authorization is obtained through the State Department.

Nonimmigrant Visas