NOID (Notice of Intent to Deny) is a notice the government issues when it intends to deny a pending case and gives us a last chance to present evidence and arguments why it should not be denied.

Consequences of employer withdrawing I-485 Supplement J

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Currently working with Employer B.
My PD - EB2 India, Aug 2013 with old employer A
Sep 2022 - Filed I485 with Employer A's I485J (which he provided that I will join his consultancy company)

  1. I always intended to join him but we couldn't find a new project in this market. He mentioned he is going to withdraw the I485J and I140.
  2. Will it be a right-away denial, RFE or USCIS will issue NOID?
  3. If USCIS issues RFE/NOID and the response date is after the 180 days mark - Can I provide 485J from my current Employer or any other employer or self-company?
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1. It is not required by the law.
2. Probably a NOID and if USCIS wants to be nice to you they will send you an RFE giving you more time.
3. If USCIS issues an RFE you have to wait 180 days from the date of filing and after that you should be able to submit any employers I-485 Supplement J.


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