Recording for March 23, 2023 Conference Call with Rajiv S. Khanna

Discussion Topics - March 23, 2023

FAQs: Handling H-1B visa and layoff : What happens if I get laid off before or after stamping my visa in India? || Marriage and relocation to the U.S. : Quickest path for prospective fiancé of U.S Citizen living in India || AC21 AOS portability: Pending AOS I-140 withdrawn before 180 days || What to do if one is in India during the PERM and I-140 process ||

Other Topics : Transferring a cap-exempt H-1B visa from one employer to another in a part-time role || Eligibility for L-1 visa after resigning from a Indian subsidiary of a U.S. company || Will the I-94 be automatically updated upon returning to the U.S. after renewing the passport in the U.S. ? || Repercussions of criminal misdemeanor conviction for driving without valid U.S. license on H-1B status || Green Card and I-485 approved, but the I-485 J (AC21) is still awaiting approval || Employer filing for H-1B visa while employed on OPT and STEM extension, with intention to complete MS degree course in the U.S. || Answering the question on "professional, social, or charitable organization" on Form DS-160 as an H-1B visa holder volunteering for a non-profit organization || Visa stamping issues due to payroll company: Making sense of different employer names and EIN’s (Employer Identification Number) on paycheck and 1095-C for H-1B holders || Can I start my own business if I am an H-1B visa holder? || DOS Visa Bulletin: Differences between chart A and chart B for filing I-485 applications || Options for starting and operating a social enterprise on H-4 visa without EAD

Immigration Law

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