Recording of August 18, 2022 Free US Immigration Community Conference Call with Rajiv S. Khanna

Discussion Topics, Aug 18, 2022

FAQs: Change of employers after H-1B is approved and before October 1; the number of pay stubs required; revocation of H-1B before October 1 || I-140 was approved and then revoked in 2011. Can I keep my priority date and also apply for I-485? What is the deadline for filing I-485? || Impact of alternate wage survey for H-1B LCA; the success rates of H-1B extensions; AC21 rule when the company is bought by a successor-in-interest

Other Topics : I-485 (Adjustment Of Status) process: Place name slightly different in Birth Certificate and Passport || Filing H-4 and H-4 EAD together || O-1 visa to EB-1A and traveling to the US with O visa: Intent issues with the CBP || Employer filing AOS, I-131 & I -765 together: Can I file the same for my spouse? Can a green card holder start a business in the U.S.? || Will there be an issue while working remotely on F-1 STEM OPT? || After I-140 is approved (company could not support CP and I-485 was not filed, the company is filing L-1B), is it okay to get back to the U.S. without an H-1B visa? || 212(a)(7)(A)(i)(I) Insufficient documentation. Can a fiancée (K-1) visa work? || Pending I-485 Supplement J after I-485 is approved || Currently on F-1 STEM OPT- Company applied for PERM without H-1B


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