13 May 2021: Free US Immigration Community Conference Call with Rajiv (Every Other Thursday)


Aging out from H-4 visa to F-1 change of status || Spouse visa processing times - Form I-485 || Working on EAD, pending I-485 AOS and getting a spouse to the US || Changing employer while on L-1B with current employer applying for H-1B || Consequences for H-1B status holder when dependents are employed with EAD Cards || I-485 processing time - Family-Based and wait time for approved I-485 starting additional part-time job || EB-3 to EB-2 upgrade after filing I-485/working remotely for U.S. employer with pending H4 EAD/Hi1B amendment vs extension || I-131 Reentry Permit, N470 and COVID || On F-1 OPT felony charges case pending - work options || Applied for I-539 requesting status, change from F-1 to U-3 || Options to move decisions for I-485/AP/I-140 downgrade filed October 2020 || H-1B Cap Exempt 2021: rules and procedures || Amendment questions re: H-1B stamp and different location than on LCA || Working part-time for ex-employer while PERM is in progress


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