Recording for April 06, 2023 Conference Call with Rajiv S. Khanna

Discussion Topics:

Eligibility for R-1 visa extension after USCIS approved with overlapping dates || Errors in I-140 approval on the employer revocation period for visa change: Which approval date to consider? || Returning to the U.S. without a project after traveling to India on Advance Parole on GC EAD: Documentation requirements and considerations || F-1 OPT and working for father’s company in India or US: What are the legal considerations? || Bringing parents to the U.S. on H-1B visa: Legal options for long-term stay and care || F-1 visa transfer and extension: Can I travel to India and extend my F-1 visa? || H-1B Lottery: Can you join employer B after being picked by employer A? || Switching employers on H-1B visa: Can an approved for-profit H-1B be reactivated after withdrawal? || Completing the DS-160 form: Filling in father's surname, given name, and middle name || L-1A to EB-1C: Can multiple visits to the home country be combined to meet the one-year requirement? || H-1B and green card EAD: Can you work for a different company using EAD while maintaining H-1B status? || Can you apply for OPT if you failed a mandatory E-Portfolio (Capstone Project)? || Can you work on GC EAD after quitting your H-1B job? Do you need to move to H-4 and apply for H-4 EAD?

Immigration Law

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