Recording for August 24, 2023 Conference Call with Rajiv S. Khanna

FAQs: - Green card processing, F-1 visa, and H-1B transition: Travel and work considerations - Difference between H-1B consular processing and change of status

Other Topics: Day 1 CPT, H-4 EAD, and maternity benefits: Eligibility and issues || I-140 approval and experience transfer: Addressing PERM application, priority date, and experience listing concerns || Delays in green card and travel document processing: Solutions and timelines || Dealing with H-1B layoff: Exploring status change, I-539 form, and timing || H-1B visa and Day 1 CPT: Managing degree completion and visa approval || Correcting name error (FNU) for Canadian citizen brother sponsored in 2009 || H-1B lottery success and OPT considerations: Evaluating multiple offers and future concerns || H-1B renewal, employment based green card and returning to the USA || I-485 application from H-4 and H-1B grace period implications || Switching jobs on GC EAD: Consequences s for H-4 spouse's entry and validity || Changing future plans in EB-2 NIW application: Impact of rejection and revised approach || OPT STEM visa travel inquiry: Reentry, visa validity, and stamping considerations

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