Recording for July 27, 2023 Conference Call with Rajiv S. Khanna

FAQs: Can I omit a previous experience in PERM filing and I-140 transfer between companies? || Sponsoring Employment-Based immigration petition for Self-Employment: EB-2 or EB-1 I-140 || H-1B visa holder working remotely from India: Permissibility of working for an Indian company and also starting a business in India || Starting a new venture as an H-1B visa holder: Establishing an LLC/CCORP and Involvement as a Board Member and Founder

Other Topics : Switching from F-1 CPT to H-4 with H-4 EAD: Job continuity and other visa options || Impact of job title discrepancy on the I-140 process and the need for reapplying Prevailing Wage Determination || H-1B extension pending - Out of status/denial due to travel and re-entering the U.S. || Re-entry permit (I-131) delays and the effect on green card status: Is it safe to wait abroad or take risks to get a green card status? || EB-2 I-485 pending and relocating to Canada on H-1B work permit: Influence on family's stay in the U.S. and use of Advance Parole || Using both H-1B visa and H-4 EAD - H-1B location change and amendment process || Edakunni v. Mayorkas settlement: Filing options for H-4 EAD application with H-1B amendment in the USA || Timing and effects of filing for green card during F-1 STEM OPT and travel issues for F-1 visa holders during green card process || Remote work for manager in the U.S. subsidiary of multinational startup before L-1A application: Processing considerations || Working remotely during I-140 appeal and I-485 application and employment status upon approval || Starting a job in the USA with stamped H-1B, entering on H-4, and utilizing Automatic Visa Revalidation from Canada || Working for client-B on STEM OPT CAP GAP, H-1B approval for client-A, and risks of changing clients before H-1B start date and traveling for H-1B stamping || Transitioning from EB-2 NIW to O-1 visa for multiple employers and avoiding concurrent H-1B transfers || Immigration Options: Returning to the U.S. for child's education with EB-2 green card consular processing and pending H-1B administrative processing

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