Recording for November 16, 2023 Conference Call with Rajiv S. Khanna


  • Working outside the United States on H-1B visa and the implications for remote employees
  • Handling a temporary break on the H-1B visa: Transitioning from work to school and back


  • Work authorization: Post-STEM OPT EAD expiry, I-130, I-485, and the prospect of employment on EAD
  • Managing CPT, Immigration regulations and career opportunities: Balancing job prospects in Boston with OPT and H-1B considerations
  • Day 1 CPT options: Legal universities, OPT, and STEM OPT considerations, and insights on Biden's Executive Order for F-1 visa renewal
  • R-1 extension dilemma: Addressing stipend discrepancies and determining continuation of previously approved employment
  • H-1B transitions, travel plans, and unpaid leave: Civil engineer contemplating an MBA and anticipating future career shifts
  • Commencing work on new remote project: Factors to consider before filing LCA and H-1B amendment
  • OPT travel issues: Departing before start date, unemployment considerations, and passport renewal in India
  • H-4 visa : Moving from F-1 to H-4 during dental school and exploring H-1B options after graduation
  • EB-1C eligibility: H-1B transfer timing for current Indian employer's U.S. branch
  • Day 1 CPT: Considerations for direct entry, advantages, testimonials, and OPT extension implications

Immigration Law

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