Jan 7, 2021 Recording of Free Community Conference Call (Every Other Thursday)

Substantial transcription for video

Discussion Topics, Jan 7, 2021

FAQ: Visitor, Tourist, B-2 visa extensions and multiple extensions

Other Topics : 180 Day Portability Rule || Dependent Numbers Effects on Per-country Numerical Limitation for Employment-based Immigrant Visas || Advance Parole Impact on H-1B and H4 status || Consequences of Leaving U.S. with Expired L2 Visa and Expired L2 EAD while I-539 and I-765 Petitions are Pending ||Visitor Visa Extension for Parent with Expired 1-94 and at High Risk for COVID || Determining Whether H-1 Petition was Revoked by H-1 Sponsor || Starting a New Business After I-140 Approval While on H-1B Visa || Citizenship Process and Request for Diversity Files from 2001 || Impact of Advanced Parole on H-1B Parents/H4 Children While AOS Pending || Regarding Return Ticket for B2 Visiting Visa Extension || H-1B and I-94 Expired in Dec. H-1B Extension Pending. Impacts if a New Employer Files H-1B Premium Processing || Follow up: AOS, Consular Processing Delay: "Administrative Processing"

Green Card

Immigration Law

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