Recording of September 01, 2022 Free US Immigration Community Conference Call with Rajiv S. Khanna

Discussion Topics:

FAQ: What is the meaning of a US “visa canceled without prejudice”? || I have an Approved I-140 from a previous job. My new employer has initiated the PERM. How can I make sure that the attorneys use the priority date from my old I-140? || What are the chances of an H-1B visa (STEM OPT) after completing Masters in the U.S? || H-1B visa holder travels abroad (Canada) for work sometimes; is an H-1B amendment required for change of address or location abroad?

Other: Changing job before 180 days of getting I-140: How will I know if my previous employer has revoked my I-140 petition? || H-1B petition is under process: My spouse's (H-4 dependent) place of birth is wrong in the passport. Will there be a problem during visa stamping? || Correcting an error caused by USCIS on the green card category E37 and E27 || H-1B cap exempt approval rate for a person who worked for ten years (L-1A plus H-1 visa) in the U.S. || Being on H-1B visa can I take unpaid or paid leave for a couple of years to pursue a school program within the U.S.? || L-1 to H-1B Change of Status and retaining L-1B status || No movement on the application at Nebraska Service Center: Should I file I-485J or file a new I-485 || Effect of divorce on an Employment-Based case and Cross-Chargeability || Can I apply for an H-4 dependent visa for my spouse while my current H-1B is about to expire in a couple of months?

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