22 July 2021: Free US Immigration Community Conference Call with Rajiv (Every Other Thursday)

Discussion Topics, Thursday, July 22, 2021:

Premium Processing Service for EB-1C/I-140 Petitions || Concerned About H-4 & H-4 EAD Processing Delays || Wait Time for EB-2 India and RFE || B-1 or F-1 Visa for Medical Clerkships || Error in Entering Date of Birth and Form DS-260 || Form I-131 (Application for Travel Document) and New Vaccination Criteria for U.S. Immigration || Can I Self Sponsor as an Active Participant/Investor of New Business on Concurrent H-1B Visa? || Renewal of Green Card Process for Parents with Expired Green Card Through Family Sponsorship || Implications of H-1B Holder with Approved I-140 Marrying a F-1 Visa Holder || If I-485 Rejected for Missing Supplement J - Repercussions, || I-130 Application Filed by Parent Under F2B Category: Approval Time and Employer Filing I-140 and Starting the EB2/EB3 Process || Filing I-485 Using Past Employer’s I-140: Process, Requirements, Risks​ || Spouses I-140 Case Denied by USCIS in Premium Processing and Denial Notice not Received || Laid Off while STEM OPT Application has been Approved || Downgrade EB-2 to EB-3 in Progress or Can you Port Priority Date ? || and more.


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