Notable points:

  • The Bill is not law. It is still in the beginning stages and may never pass.
  • Even if it passes, it affects only H-1B dependent employers (roughly 15% or more H-1B workers).
  • The Bill does not prohibit hiring workers at less than $100K salary.
  • Current laws require that H-1B dependent employers must undertake prior recruitment of US workers before hiring an H-1B worker.
  • The prior recruitment (and some other) obligations are exempted if an H-1B worker is getting paid $60,000 OR possesses a Master’s degree.
  • If the Bill passes, H-1B dependent employers would have to pay $100,000 or more to be exempt. The Bill also removes Master’s degree from the exemption.
  • If the H-1B dependent employers chose to pay salary less than 100K, they can do so. They will just have to go through some additional compliance.


 Here is a direct youtube link to the video discussion on a radio show: <Link to Radio Show>