Green Card Through PERM, Part 1, The PERM Process

1 Green Card through PERM, Step 1 - The PERM process
    1.1 Preliminary points
        1.1.1 Most commonly used process and is based upon a permanent, full-time job offer
        1.1.2 Involves testing the labor market for a defined job
        1.1.3 Green card is for a "future job"
        1.1.4 Employment-based categories 2 and 3 (EB-2, EB-3)
        1.1.5 WE MUST act honestly and in good faith
        1.1.6 There are three steps: PERM, I-140, and I-485 OR consular processing
        1.1.7 The employer MUST pay for the PERM process (I-140 is recommended)
        1.1.8 The employee may pay for the I-485 (or consular) process
        1.1.9 Spouse and minor children can be included for the green card
        1.1.10 Special separate process for college professors
        1.1.11 Special separate process for Physical Therapists and nurses
        1.1.12 Can you apply while you are on a student visa?
   Yes, but there is a nonimmigrant intention issue
   Yes, but are you sufficiently qualified?
    1.2 Define the job and job requirements
        1.2.1 No self-ownership
        1.2.2 Normally, no family relationship with owners or controllers of the employer
        1.2.3 Minimum acceptable qualifications
        1.2.4 Normally cannot combine job duties of different jobs (e.g. DBA + QA)
        1.2.5 Normally cannot require foreign language skills
        1.2.6 Normally cannot use the experience gained with the same employer, same job
   We can use that experience if the employer offers a future "dissimilar job" for PERM (more than 50% different job)
        1.2.7 Must document past experience
        1.2.8 The problem with three-year foreign degrees
        1.2.9 Defining the area of employment
   Consulting jobs that require relocation
   Wages will depend upon the area of employment
        1.2.10 Is there a job vacancy when foreign worker is already on the job (using OPT/CPT/H-1B, etc)? Yes. They are temporary for now
    1.3 Apply for prevailing wages from the USDOL
        1.3.1 What should be the OFFERED FUTURE wages? Depends upon:
   Job title according to the DOL data
   Seniority level
   Area of employment
   DOL wage data is at FLCDATACENTER.COM
    1.4 Advertise in Newspapers + three other sources
    1.5 The employer must assess resumes received
        1.5.1 What if there are qualified US workers (not foreign workers)? We must abandon and retry
    1.6 File PERM online only if there are no qualified US workers
        1.6.1 PERM is approved. Step 1 is complete
        1.6.2 PERM is placed in audit
   PERM approve
   PERM denied - we have to start all over or appeal
   PERM placed under re-advertising (this is rare and referred to as "supervised recruitment")
        1.6.3 There is no limit on the number of times we can refile PERM
    1.7 Priority date is established as of the date of the PERM filing, only if PERM is approved
        1.7.1 "Priority date" is your place in the waiting queue, if there is one for your country of BIRTH (not country of citizenship)
   Cross chargeability - you can use your spouse's country of birth for YOUR green card

Green Card Through PERM Part 1

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